Digital Eye Strain taking the world by storm

You are either browsing Netflix for new releases, or feeding of gossip from Buzzfeed, or perhaps creating travel stories on Instagram, which means spending a whole lot of time on your digital devices.

Agree or not, but we are hooked on our digital screens almost half of our walking day, lets not forget the emails and conferences we host online! That means too much exposure to digital blue light that is emitted from these devices.

And yes, that is quite harmful. You can notice a strain on your eyes if you have been working on your laptop for a few hours and look up, immediate dryness, itchiness can be felt. That’s quite a common effect while others are seen complaining of headaches and fatigue.

Average person spends 10.5 hrs on digital devices

Although the digital advance brings us convenience and connectivity, the long term effects on our eyes cannot be denied. Well, thanks to the increasing awareness of using protective eyewear, everyone seems to be sensitized to digital eye strain.

Wait, when you say protective you don’t mean plastic goggles or mundane eye exercises right? Don’t even start on the healthy recipes that have too much of carrots!

Well, as a matter of fact No! Protective eyewear can be stylish and elegant, while easing your eyes to digital devices. What we mean is, prescription glasses. No, not just boring grandma frames, but chic designs that have digital blue light protection! Oh yeah! You heard right!

Prescription glasses aren’t defined as the geek look or the girl next door anymore, especially with celebrities styling their eyes effortlessly on red carpets, gala events and flocking magazine covers. Even readers have got a sexy revamp!

Today, you can strut in style with clear glasses that don’t need a prescription to protect your eyes. A digital blue coat, is the trending combat to eye strain, while making you look cool and swanky!

There are so many varieties you can choose from if you talk about shape- square, classic aviators, John lennon round, if you say texture- tortoise shell, clear, acetate or metal, if you talk about type then there is half rimmed, rimless and full rimmed and lets not even start on colours!

So when you plan to don prescription glasses at work, don’t you think they should be designers? You got to look great right? Wait, when you say designers does that mean expensive?

Hell no, shopping for glasses online is affordable, trustworthy and quick! Most sites give you a 100% quality guarantee for their products. Some, even host the Virtual Try On feature, which lets you virtually try all the featured frames just by uploading your close up picture! So you get to see how the frames look without having to step into a store.

When you can get your beloved delivered at your doorstep without having a sales staff breathing down your neck, you can also customize the lenses to your preference. Yes, that’s not just the digital blue coat, but get some cool coatings like anti-glare and anti-fog for instance.

Here are top 3 styles you must own as your digital protectors!

  1. Oversized Glasses: Known for their chunky frames, thick and wide are the new sensations on the block. Go for a monochrome when styling at work. Black is the best bet for Oversized glasses, plus they give you an unobstructed view.
  2. Rimless Glasses: Matured and sophisticated, held on titanium nose bridge and arms, the glasses carry so much grandeur. They almost look invisible! You can go from dress to jeans in no time!
  3. Thin Metal Glasses: Did Gandhi glasses become the thing recently or did Harry Potter revolutionize them! Either ways, thin metal round glasses work miracles on any face shape, they have a retro sense thats makes it much loved. Plus they are lightweight to wear comfortably all day long

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